Alumni Mentor Program frequently asked questions

General questions

Any Bond graduate with a minimum of two years' of professional experience may apply. Mentors can be based anywhere in the world.

Any Bond University undergraduate student who has completed at least 8 subjects may apply and postgraduate students at any level can apply. All applicants must have grade point average of at least 2.0. 

Mentee places are determined by the number of suitable alumni mentor applications. 


The Program runs throughout Semester 3 (September - December) every year. Bond will host an orientation session for all mentees on Wednesday, 14 September (week 1, Semester 3), and the Mentor Program will continue from then until the end of the semester.

Yes, mentors can be located anywhere in Australia or around the world. Mentor/mentee long-distance partnerships will be provided with guidance on how to maximise this mentorship without necessarily meeting face-to-face. 

Yes, mentees can still participate even if they are undertaking a semester abroad or studying overseas during the program. Mentor/mentee long-distance partnerships will be provided with guidance on how to maximise this mentorship without necessarily meeting face-to-face. 

Bond University's Alumni and Development Office assess all mentor and mentee applications, and match mentees with mentors whose experience and industry best matches the student's career goals. 

The Bond University Alumni Mentor Program runs every year during Semester 3 (September to December).

The Alumni Mentor Program runs for three months and during that period mentors and mentees are expected to meet at least 6 times, either via telephone, Skype or in person. There is also an orientation and closing event for the program and mentees are required to attend both, while mentors are invited to the closing function. 

At the conclusion of the program, all mentors receive a letter of appreciation from the Executive Director of Alumni and Development, while mentees receive a Certificate of Completion as well as 15 Beyond Bond Points in the Industry Mentoring Program category.

Questions from mentees

The Alumni and Development Office will make every effort to find you a mentor, however, this is not guaranteed and will depend upon the number of eligible alumni who volunteer each semester. 

The Alumni and Development Office will assess all mentor and mentee applications, and match you with the mentor whose experience and industry best match your career goals. 

Activities are determined by mutual agreement between the alumni mentor and the student mentee. They can include anything from helping to look over your resume and preparing for your interviews, to expanding professional networks and exploring career opportunities. The Bond University Alumni Mentor Program is designed as a resource for matching similar-minded students and alumni. The actual nature of the mentoring relationship, however, will be up to students and alumni to determine and develop individually.

Every effort is made to ensure your professional interests align. However, in some cases this will not be possible. In these situations, you should make use of your mentor’s professional networks, their experience as a Bondy, their guidance on job-seeking, their advice for surviving the transition from study to work, their management techniques, and the many other professional skills that will translate across industries. 

No, mentees should not expect to be exposed to their mentor's workplace as part of the program. However, it is a mentor's prerogative to offer their mentee this privilege. Likewise, there is no guarantee of a job at the end of this program. 

The goal of this program is to help students with their transition from study to work, and provide them with insights and guidance from their mentor's experience. 

Questions from mentors

As a mentor, you will commit to one full Bond semester (three months). You and your mentee will work out the exact details of the partnership, but it is recommended that you make contact approximately once a week, for at least an hour.

If your circumstances change at any point following the submission of your application and commencement of the program and you are no longer able to participate, please notify the Alumni and Development Office.