Computer Facilities

The computer facilities at Bond University are world-class. They incorporate high-tech lecture theatres, the latest broadband and Wi-Fi computer connections, and libraries that rank among Australia’s best.

Computer Labs

Bond's computer labs are on the ground floor of the Arch Building, under the John and Alison Kearney Library. The general computer labs are open 24 hours per day and are available to students when the labs are not being used for teaching purposes. The Computer Lab Precinct is a wireless environment that includes the following facilities and features:

Learning Lounge - Facilities available in this area, include: bar height seating and power outlets for multiple laptop users,  open tables, printer and reloader for students to add credit to their network printing account.

Tutorial 22 - The main features of this room include a curvy, snake-like table with 14 chairs, an automated AV fit-out and flexible ottoman style furnishings to allow for informal breakout sessions. The room has been designed to facilitate easy student-teacher access and group interaction.

Tutorial 23 - Designed to simulate business and meeting interactions in a boardroom style set up. The room contains a large table with 16 chairs and an AV fit out with laptop input capability. The design of the room encourages more peer-to-peer learning experiences.

Library - Both the John & Alison Kearney Library , the John and Alison Kearney Law Library and the Multimedia Learning Centre have computer workstations for students. These computers also allow for printing to the University printers.

Balnaves Foundation Multimedia Learning Centre - Features innovative learning technologies, collaborative study spaces and the latest audio visual and computer technology. Computer workstations, access to the wireless network and printing facilities are available in the centre.

Email Stations - "Webmail" computers are available in the Computer Lab Precinct and in the John and Alison Kearney Library. These computers are available for students to check email from services such as Hotmail and Yahoo Mail.

AV Editing Suites - The editing suites feature a range of audiovisual equipment. The professional in-house TV studio is equipped with 3 broadcast cameras on HTS pendestal, 24 input audio desk, Atom computerized lighting grid, News King newsroom/prompter system, server based play-in facilities, selection of microphones including, directional boom, handheld, floor stand and wireless lapels.