Eminent Visitor Program

About the Eminent Visitor Program

The Bond Law Eminent Visitor Program hosts distinguished judges, senior legal practitioners and respected law academics from around Australia to participate in the academic life of the Faculty of Law at Bond University.  The program is designed to create opportunities on campus for law students and staff to engage personally with recognised leaders in the law. 

Under the program, influential members of the judiciary (sitting and retired), the legal profession and the academy are invited to visit the Faculty of Law for mutually convenient periods ranging from a few days to a sabbatical of several months.  While on campus, Eminent Visitors actively share their experience and expertise by conducting lectures and seminars, and interacting with students and staff.

The program gives students the chance to meet with and talk to leading legal figures, obtain insights into the working of the legal system, and develop greater understanding of the theory and practice of law.  It also encourages academic staff and Eminent Visitors with shared interests in particular areas of law to exchange views on current issues and challenges, and learn from one another.

The Eminent Visitor Program provides unique access to legal luminaries for Bond Law students and academics, facilitating a dialogue which enriches the educational mission of the Faculty of Law.

Eminent Visitors

Semester 163

  • The Hon Wally Oppal QC
  • The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG