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Full Review

A Full Review project is defined as any research involving human participants that is NOT minimal risk. This includes ANY experimental manipulation, clinical or genetic trials, research involving minors or special collectivities (see also sections 4.2.8 & 4.2.9 of the National Statement), research about sensitive or serious social conditions.

Read the the following guidelines:

Full review applications will be assessed at BUHREC meetings and applications must be received by the due date prior to the meeting.

The Principal Investigator/ Supervisor (academic) and the Student Investigator(s) are strongly encouraged to be present at the question time of the application, to answer any questions that the Committee may have with regard to a full review application. The Principal Investigator/ Supervisor is responsible for informing students of the meeting time.

BUHREC strongly stresses to all applicants the importance of attending the meeting as requested. The appointment time will usually be advised five working days before the meeting. Attendance at the question session of your application assists in the expedition of applications and non-attendance may be a cause of delays in commencement of your research.

The meeting will be held in a venue as advised. Please wait until called. If the Principal Investigator is unable to attend, please advise the BUHREC Secretary in advance of the meeting. In this case, the Student Researcher may attend alone, although it is preferable for the Principal Investigator to attend. 

Notice to Researchers

Failure to obtain FULL approval of a research protocol involving human participants BEFORE commencing data collection may result in disqualification of the research project or thesis.

Pad-agogy: A quasi-experimental and ethnographic pilot test of the iPad in a blended mobile learning environment

Mail or deliver to:

The Research Ethics Manager
Office of Research Services
Building 1C, Level 4
Bond University QLD 4229

T: +61 7 5595 4194
F: +61 7 5595 1120
E: buhrec@bond.edu.au 


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