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Class Template 

Templates for Research as a Class Exercise

All research involving human participants, including question-asking research and research used in teaching, must be cleared by the Bond University Human Research Ethics Committee. Approved templates give subject coordinators the necessary parameters required to conduct their class research ethically. This includes the information and conditions that must be met by their students.

The logic behind a template is that in-class research used as a learning exercise will likely follow the same formula from one semester to the next (such as core method, instrumentation and participant pool). Only minor particulars are likely to change (such as location of data collection, dates of data collection and so on).

To simplify the ethics application process for teaching staff, Bond University Human Research Ethics Committee uses templates for that research which is used repeatedly as part of a subject's curriculum and assessment.

A template may cover research for up to three years and need be submitted only once for that period.

A template requires the completion of the standard BUHREC application form (MS Word 700KB) used by the Bond University Human Research Ethics Committee. The form has been substantially re-developed and is easier to complete.

In most cases research performed by students as part of their subject assessment qualifies for expedited review.

If the in-class research changes, the subject coordinator need only provide the Bond University Human Research Ethics Committee with information about the amendment(s); a new application is not necessary. The Bond University Human Research Ethics Committee has developed a simple amendment/clarification form to simplify this task.


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