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Bond University currently has over 80 partnerships with leading universities in 22 countries, enabling students to benefit from a global educational experience. 

Students enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate programs at Bond University have the opportunity to diversify their academic and cultural experiences by participating in an exchange program. Students who meet the exchange entry requirements, must enrol in the equivalent of a Bond full-time semester load at their host institution. It is intended that credit will be transferred from the host institution to Bond University so that students will still complete their degree in the same amount of time as they would in Australia.

Tuition fees for exchange students outbound will still be paid to Bond University, whilst fees for the host institution are waived.

Student exchanges are designed to:

  • Deepen intellectual and personal maturity, foster independent thinking and build self confidence
  • Enrich and diversify education by offering academic learning of a kind not always available at your home university
  • Provide students with a global outlook that emphasises the ties among nations and cultures and the necessity of working together.


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