The Macquarie Trading Room has been created in collaboration with the Macquarie Group. It is a state-of-the-art educational facility that provides students 24-hour access to Bloomberg market data terminals, streamed market information, electronic trading platforms and ticker screens.

As the leading facility of its type in Australia, students gain practical experience in executing deals, managing portfolios, trading financial securities and changing market conditions. The facility also has a dedicated supervisor who is available to train students for Bloomberg certification and help with its application.

Latest Data

With data subscriptions to Bloomberg and software from Financial Trading Systems, the Macquarie Trading Room gives finance lecturers the ability to demonstrate trading in financial securities, such as common stock, bonds and derivatives. Advanced finance classes setup simulated trading environments for students and adjust the market conditions to show the impact of changing markets on trading, as a direct application of finance theories.


Seats 36 students at dual screens, allowing them to review live trading data and background information simultaneously.

  • Pod seating structure encourages group work and student-teacher interaction.
  • Widescreen monitors display financial and economic data from Bloomberg Professional that can be seen from every seat.
  • Bloomberg certification offered to all Faculty of Business students. Swipe card access for certified students.
  • Internal and external tickers display stock price quotations and other financial data throughout the day.

In keeping with Bond’s applications-oriented reputation, the Macquarie Trading Room provides an excellent facility for bridging the gap between the theory and practice finance.